This is my test equipment collection which in turn forms my home lab. I have special interest in the Tektronix scopes.

These are the Tek scopes in the lab

From left:
TDS640A, 7904, 7313, 7603 and a few other instruments.
Some plug-ins on the top.

All the 7000 series were repaired and calibrated (not NIST traceable...) in the lab.

Just for collection

A brand new in box 7623B deserves a dedicated page

This is a model 310A (with tubes),
circa 1952. Fully operational. It has probes of the same vintage.

A small portable 214, also fully operational.

Some complementary scope equipment

A6902B Isolator

TM503 with oscilloscope calibration plug-ins (TG501, SG503 and a TM506A being restored)